Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Outside Lovin'

I just have the funniest pictures if Boston playing outside that I just have to share. Since he is so busy and walking/running everywhere, we can go outside and play when the sun is shining. He loves to run down the drive way and stop at the end, look back at me to see if I am going to tell him 'no' or run and get him. Luckily, he is getting to understand that he can't go in the road. He has the sweetest little face, too. He also likes to eat rocks--typical boy. 

Sometimes he gets away when Jeff and I turn our back--he's so fast. Can you see him??

Look at that little face...

We also took a trip to Boise over MLK weekend! We sure do love visiting Jeff's brothers because we don't get to see them that often. Brian and Alyssa were so sweet to let us stay there. I'm so lame and we didn't get that many pictures...just Boston climbing the stairs, which he did the WHOLE time...and Jeff and Brian playing the Wii. I wish I had taken some pictures of Alyssa and I! 

He's tries taking the broom up the stairs EVERY day...I always find the broom, sticks, you name it in the middle of the stairs in the attempt to take them down.

Don't mind the HUGE mess in our bedroom

Check out those teethers!! Four molars...and counting! 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My little Cleaner

Boston has this obsession with the broom. Every time I sweep, you better believe Boston is RIGHT there at my feet watching that broom like a hawk. I can never just leave the broom out because he will steal it and run away with it. The other day the hall closest was left open and he knew what was in there...he opened the door...and ran away with the brook. That little stinker. 

What mom??

We're sure going to miss Jeff when he goes back to school Monday--we've enjoyed relaxing.

AND my blog book came!!!! Cool right?? It's so great.


Back--this was one of the BEST purchases ever

I didn't do ANYTHING....This was just for your enjoyment!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Christmas day...I think he get's the hang of being surprised when opening gifts.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Two year Anniversary & New Year

Can't believe this another anniversary post. Our wedding seems not too long ago, and we've just hit the two year mark? Whoa. We had a very nice anniversary. Went to lunch, too full for a nice dinner, and ended with a movie. We saw Harry Potter and weren't too impressed. Don't get me wrong, it was a good movie, but we felt like the producers were just dragging out the last movie. I bet part two will be awesome. Jeff, of course, got me two roses. His thing is that for every year we're married, that is how many roses I get. I told him he's in trouble when hit the 60 year mark...his response? He said "we'll be lucky to make it that long!!" I guess he was meaning we'll be lucky if we make it to be that old, not implying our marriage won't last that long! Our gift to each other was Brian Regan tickets at the end of January!!! We can't wait!

The best part about getting married at SL Temple was for sure the lights! Made our pictures SO pretty!

It was freezing...but I'm so glad that all these people were there!
One year later!!!! I know I have a chubby face, but let's face it, Boston was 4 weeks old.
Two years later and still love each other!! It's crazy to look back at what our little family has went through to where we are today. We had next to nothing then, and now we have so much to be grateful for!!! I love you's to many more!

This is New Year's Eve...Every time I try and get a picture of us together, he looks away at the last second and looks at me.

I teach him some awesome faces.

This was our hoppin' party. Jeff, Joe and Kelly. We had fun though. Jeff and Joe played with a helicopter toy the whole night.

My make-up is all smeared because I was laughing so hard at a funny picture Jeff took. Seriously, it was so ugly. Happy New Year everyone!!