Monday, July 18, 2011

Good ol' Summer

This past week was super fun! REALLY busy but still fun. We're going on vacation tomorrow so I've been making LOTS of blocks and of course, packing. For all you momma's out there, packing isn't fun when a child is involved. You don't want to forget anything! I also had many local orders and Etsy orders to fill, too. I'm glad we're almost there...

Anyway, I have some fun pictures of Boston and me playing and wedding dress shopping with Brit. They're getting married next July in Mexico...ya I wish that was me. :) She looked gorg and will make the most beautiful bride!!! {Chris if you're reading this..STOP NOW--Brit is in a wedding dress and you can't see it.}

See??? Beautiful.

I look nasty being next to her :)

Isn't that such a pretty dress????? I want to get married again...of course to the same man.

Boston is so funny. Who does this?? We were playing 'horse' and he decides to grab a book while riding me...ok little dude, whatever.

It's crazy how much he looks like Jeff...just crazy!!

Oh and did I mention we got hit the other day??? Ya a HUGE truck didn't see us in the parking lot and backed right into us...thanks big truck.

Anyway, we're off to Utah in the morning so I'll have a fun post when we return!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

4th Of July & the beach

I know I'm late but I had other posts to do first! Now it's time for this one--even a week late! So the 4th we went to our friends house, Kent and Megs, and they had a beautiful view!! Seriously, it was beautiful I couldn't get enough! Josh, Linds, and Lucy met us there too!

'What's that?'

the wives

Also, us girls went to Coeur d'Alene a couple days after! It was SO warm and so fun. The kids played and we were soaking up the sun! I think we decided that as a weekly thing.

It was a fun day! I love that we have so many beaches around. I also love that I have friends that I can hang with when our husbands are so busy.  

Thursday, July 7, 2011


I love little Boston! He is SO funny lately. I have to get a picture of it, but he loves going in my closet and throwing every shoe out. THEN trying them on. It's really funny. Now, when we leave shoes around the house he loves putting them on and walking. He actually looked really cute with Jeff's huge shoe's on...ha ha not so much my wedges. :)

He looks so cute in these shoes.

Then onto my wedges!! They were a little harder to walk in, but it was funny. 

My shoes were a little harder to keep on so he was getting mad when they kept falling off!!

I swear I'm not choking him in this pic--it looks like it though! 

He is Jeff's best friend I tell ya. When Jeff and I are home together, he could really care less about me! He even cries when I pick him up...thanks Boston I only gave birth to you. 

He is a little talker too! I have to get some on tape. My favorites are Uh Oh and Thank you. Could be the cutest thing I've ever heard! Oh and I love 'Hi' because he says it in a really high pitch voice. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Team Vegas

Jeff's brother and family came to visit us last week!!!! It was seriously so much fun to chat and catch up with them. Their kids are just so cute too. We hadn't seen them in FOREVER! We are so happy they decided to come visit us even though Dave is super busy with work. It was so funny because they're from Vegas...aka super hot...and it had been like mid 70's which is cold to them! It didn't even feel like Summer here! We all had to wear our jackets at least one day. BUT Dave and Staci--it's like mid 80's now...take that Las Vegas. :) 

We took them downtown to feed the ducks--that was actually really fun!! Also to play on the huge red wagon.

Check these photo skills out--I got Madison throwing the bread while in mid air and the duck's mouth was wide open.

We were so excited to meet Brock. He was SUCH a good baby! Also such a sweet baby.

Brothers with their boys. Love it.

Ha ha this maybe lasted 30 seconds...but it was so funny looking.

Doesn't matter if the water was freezing, he will play until I force him out.

We were so excited they got to come visit. I loved relaxing and talking with them...It made me realize how much I need a friend like Staci around here. Maybe one day we'll move closer to them. We also were making plans for Hawaii in November!! It can't come soon enough!!! Love & miss you guys!!