Tuesday, February 22, 2011

15 Months

Holy Cow, my once-little-baby is now 15 months old! What the heck??? He is turning into quite the explorer. His newest in unplugging EVERYTHING...problem? Yes---because then he tries to plug everything back in...bigger problem?? Yes!! Also, after he wakes up he throws all of his blankets and stuffed bear out of the crib...I'm just waiting for the clothes to come off any day now!! He is our bundle of joy...
Weight 23.6 lbs {34%}
Height 33 In. {94%}

Tall and skinny, just like dad! :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine Fiasco

I had SUCH a great Valentine's Day. I had MANY laughs with friends...and a great husband at my side. Josh & Linds invited us to go to dinner at the Melting Pot for Josh's birthday and V-day. I can't tell you how much fun we had. At the end of the night we were laughing really hard. Here are some pics to prove it! **Please notice my lovely editing in Picnik :)

best part of the night was this creme'...as we called it. Like I said, we were getting really funny at the end of the night and dessert was BY FAR the best part...so we started calling the white chocolate creme' brulee, 'the creme'. You probably had to be there for it.

No way was I going to stop eating to take a picture.


Happy Birthday Josh!

Oh man this was just soo fun! It may be another year before we go back...but it was SO worth it!! My mom watched Boston and Lucy and she said she had a great time with those little ones.

And I'll leave you with this...my newest item in the shop! Hope all you love birds had a great Valentine's! 

Monday, February 14, 2011

My cutesy little Valentine

I want to kiss him all over!!!
{p.s. that's him playing peek-a-boo}

Friday, February 11, 2011

This will make you laugh...

Funny, right???? Don't worry he wasn't hurt, this was right after he fell so he was scared. This is my craft room and his newest thing is to stand on the 'live.laugh.love' box and somehow he lost his balance and fell into this. Boston is so funny--he'll make you laugh so hard.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Brian Regan & Such

I HAVE to get better at blogging! My blog book won't be that great if I neglect it now...:) ANYWAY! We had the greatest opportunity to go see Brian Regan last week. It was our anniversary present to each other...it was SO great. We went to dinner and did that whole sha-bang. :}

You guys, he was seriously so great live. He had us ROLLING. We dragged my mom and Pete along and I've never seen my mom laugh that hard. We will go every year if he comes!!! 

I also went to Stinky Sneaker...HUGE rivalry game with my old high school. It was great being able to be in the stands for once and not cheering. I forget how big of a production they put on. Boston was having the time of his life because there was so much going on....
Oh! It's gotten to be so big that they moved it to the Arena!! 

I was honestly so impressed how well he did! We were easily there for 2+ hours and he just sat and watched the whole thing!! 

I also wanted to add some funny things Boston has been doing lately....
**He takes balls, brooms, shoes, window stoppers, his BIG car and throws them down the stairs. If I give him a toy and he walk away, 2 seconds later he is chucking it down the stairs. It's so funny to see all the different things on the stairs. 
**He also takes those same toys and throws them in the bath tub. I get into the shower each day and I end up ruining something because it can't get wet! The latest are my shoes and his popcorn toy. He's also thrown some blocks that I've done and in there are now are ruined.
**He stops whatever he is doing when a dog barks
**He loves being in our front yard and heads straight for the rocks and tries to eat them
**He must be growing because he is sleeping and growing like a weed. He has been taking 3+ hour naps and sleeping 12+ hours at night!!! I can't complain, I love it!! 
**He has SO many teeth...15 I believe. Poor guy has been teething since he's been 4 months old and hasn't stopped.
**He's getting faster and faster each day...And when I say fast I mean he is starting to run. Jeff can mimic his run pretty well--I crack up every time I see him doing it. 
**He hits...yes, hits. When I do ANYTHING he doesn't like I get a smack to my face...sometime double handed too. Don't worry though, we've got it under control. 
**We've been hanging out with some new people {Linds & Josh here's your shout out!!} and they have {almost} a two year old and they go back and forth hitting each other in the face...
**When it get's quiet in the house, he's most likely downstairs throwing things over the door railing...he's obsessed with throwing things. I do have to blame Jeff because he has taught him to through a ball. 
Check out that shirt...ha ha {yes, it's from Walmart}

This is the cute little girl I was talking about...who Boston hits :) They played in this blow up toy A LOT!!

They're such stinkers...we caught them going downstairs....alone :)

There are some fun things about little man!!! Jeff and I are doing well also! He's figuring out his internship right now and just had an interview at the Valley Hospital {we hope he get's that one!!} and is busy sending out resumes everywhere! I'm quite proud of how hard he works, honestly. I'm doing great as well! Busy as ever with Etsy!! I can't complain though, it's a huge blessing that I'm able to work from home!