Thursday, May 26, 2011


For Jeff's birthday I got him a night at Coeur d'alene resort AND one round of golf the next morning. He was SO surprised! I guess this course is world renowned, which I didn't know, I just thought Jeff would think it was cool because he hadn't played there. Well, when we woke up the morning after we stayed there the weather wasn't good, so Jeff decided to post pone the golfing round because he wanted it to be a perfect day! The perfect day was last Friday!! It was really fun. Our claim to fame is that we played with two ex-NFL players, cool right??? One played for Seahawks and the other was Tampa Bay I think?? They were cool guys. 

Floating green--which makes this course so cool!

I told Jeff I wouldn't post this but I lied :) He started his internship on Monday at Valley Hospital and he really likes it. He is one hard working guy. Goes to work until 1-2pm, then goes to another job until 5:30pm. He works so hard and I'm so proud of him!!!! 

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Yes! I finished the half marathon. It was a big accomplishment and I'm proud to say I did it! People told me that once I finish the half, I'll want to do the marathon and I thought they were crazy. I'm kind of wanting to do one. :) I think I am crazy tho. I'm thinking maybe September is when I may do one.

I loved having friends to train and run with. I love these people! 

My dad ran the marathon so I caught some pictures at mile 24/25. 

We are also re-doing our backyard a little bit. My parents took out the bottom part of the deck a while back so we had to do something to make it look nice. It turned out SO great! 

He saw birds and planes.

Now our backyard won't look so ghetto. We love how it turned out.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Best Helper

Boston is Jeff's little buddy. When he hears the door jiggle or open he runs to the top of the stairs and waits in anticipation. His face just lights up. Anyway, we're working in the yard, ya know, doing the spring cleaning and Boston is just loving every minute of it. Where ever Jeff is, there Boston is also--with shovel in hand. I can't get enough of it!

Sometimes maybe a little too much in the way...

ha ha we are great parents...

We're almost done with our project in the backyard--I'll post pics when we are done!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Jeff's Birthday, Eating, and ONE year!!!

That's a lot to take in, but let me explain! First and foremost, it was Jeff's 26th birthday! He is now in his late twenties. :) That is a joke--one of the first things he said on his birthday was "I'm still in my mid-twenties"--so I give him a hard time. He even drew me a graph to prove it. He wrote out three quartiles...{21,22,23} is early twenties, {24,25,26} is mid-twenties, and {27,28,29} is late twenties. Ha ha it's really funny because he's obviously concerned about it. 

He {I think} had a great day. Started out slow because I had a BIG surprise waiting for him. We took Boston to my mom's for her to babysit--then we drove to Coeur d'Alene. I had already gone out there that day to set everything up. I got him a night at the resort {right on the lake} and tee time for the next day. I didn't realize how cool it was to golf on that course, but I guess it is because of the floating green. He was SO excited. So we had dinner at the Dockside, which was also right on the lake--then a nice relaxing night {watching Friday Night Lights :)}. I also had some gifts waiting in the room. The best part?? He had NO clue I planned this! 

Our view while eating dinner--beautiful right??

This was in our room at sunset--it was sooo pretty.

Happy Birthday hun!!

Boston is also growing up!! We got him a booster seat so he can eat at the dinner table with us.  He seriously LOVES it. He feeds himself now--which is also so cute! 
It takes some serious concentration to get that food on the fork...ha ha :) 

AND we've officiallyc lived here for ONE year!! I can't believe it. We've come SO far from when we left Provo a year ago. We have one year of school down--one to go! 


And now...

{I don't have a ton of pics with Jeff in them because he's always gone!!!}