Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm the best mom...

Boston now climbs...oh man. Once I leave the room, he is sneaky and climbs on something. How I figured this out was when I walked out of my craft room and then 2 seconds later I heard banging. I'm thinking...'hmm, I wonder what he's banging' so I go back there and find him like this...
 Here, take a better look.
 Little more...
There!! OPEN scissors!!!!!!!!!! My child, standing on a chair with open scissors, banging on a table. I'm so cool.
And this is what happens when I take them away...I love him little guy. :)

Monday, April 25, 2011


We had the typical Easter--food, candy, hunts, food again, family, crying and so on. We really did have a wonderful Easter!! We spent the day out at my grandma's in Deer park. My mom, once again, out did herself with cooking a fabulous meal and then ended with Easter baskets and hunts. It was funny because Boston didn't have a clue what was going on during the hunt, but once I showed him where an egg was, he'd pick it up then throw it and all the jelly beans would fly everywhere. OR I would put eggs in his basket then he would just shake the basket until EVERY egg opened, then he go for the jelly beans. It was really funny. We also had a birthday party for little Parker!! He turned four and they had a piƱata. All the kids would hit the dang thing so Boston was curious. We gave him a shot and he actually took the stick and hit it! It was great. 

Such a wonderful day to spend with family!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another 5k

I ran another 5k last weekend!! I was extra nervous for this one because I was trying to knock time off instead of just finishing it. My first one I ran in 29:08 {I believe} and this time I ran 26:11--so three whole minutes! Wahoo!! I even got third place in my age group {20-39 which seems like such a big age group, right?}. Anyway, it was fun and my last race before the half marathon, which I'm so excited for. 
I look funny in this picture because I was waving to Boston...

Later that night we went to the Roadhouse to finish off Alli's birthday festivities. 

Is it just me or are babies SUPER cute in the morning?? I love little Boston dude when he wakes up...

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Sunday afternoon of General Conference, we had our friends over {Josh & Linds}...aka Boston's little girlfriend came over. They have this love/hate relationship...and when I say love/hate I really do mean it. One minute they're kissing in the laundry basket, the other they are hitting faces. 
See??? Smooching in the basket
This is Boston's 'I'm getting the heck out of here before she tries making the moves again' :)

Not too sure what Boston's doing here...but here's Lucy lookin' cute as ever for the camera 

And for your viewing pleasure...this is Boston's 'what mom?? I don't have your phone' face

For some reasons I forgot about some pictures that I took a while ago--so I'll share them now!

This is what happens when it's quiet for 2 minutes...destruction.

Helping me dust...he LOVES cleaning supplies, I know I've already mentioned that.

We have a birthday this month :) Two weeks Jeff will be 26! 

Longing to go outside, we're just waiting for it to be warm! 

When Jeff gets home-I swear-nobody exists but him...He never leaves his cute...

Hope everyone's having a good week!! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

He did it!

I'm SO happy to say that Boston is off the binky!!!!! To be honest, wasn't NEARLY as hard as I thought it would be. Just the usual whine here and there before bed--nothing too bad. It's such a huge weight off our shoulders! Next thing to think about?? Potty training--but that's still kinda far away. :) 

I also wanted to mention that Jeff got an assistantship in his graduate program!!!!! It's a HUGE blessing that he got it. Full tuition paid and stipend each month. I am one happy wife :) That means we don't have to pay for school!!! Wahoo!!!!! It's so great because he'll get to meet  so many people in the field which can mean some great job opportunities! He starts in August and will be done once he graduates {which is a year!}. Cool, right?? He works so dang hard and totally deserves it. Too bad I won't see him too much the next week or two because of finals...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

So far so good!

I really hope this doesn't jinx us, but we have decided to take the binky away from Boston this weekend. We didn't quite go cold turkey, but close enough. For one week, he didn't have it during the day AT ALL--only his nap and bedtime. Since it being General conference this weekend {aka no church} we decided to take it away completely. It has gone surprisingly well. It started Thursday going to bed--went in twice to tuck him in...within 10 minutes he was out...YAY!! I knew the hard part would be naps, so I was dreading Friday nap time. Luckily, Jeff doesn't have school that day, so I decided to get him all ready and then leave for a run so I didn't have to hear him cry. :) He was out before I even left. Day 2, went in once at bed time and once for nap time. So far so good. Today is day three for bed time--I'm really happy with how this is going!!! Sorry little dude, but this is best for you!!!! Here are some pics of his 'happy days' with his most treasured possession...
He started young with it :) Two days old

I promise little buddy, you'll be happy again :)