Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New wreath & such

I finally switched my wreath to a Fall one!! I really do love it. We are also switching Boston's room around to make it more 'big boy' ish. We still had the changing table and basket's as his drawer, so we needed to change that asap. I found a cute little red one at the store Coco knowing I would need to paint, which was fine with me!! In the next week or two we'll switch him to a toddler bed--which I'm a little nervous for. 


After!!! The dresser looks great in his room. His little clothes don't even come close to filling up the whole thing, that's okay though.

The new wreath!!! I swear I have the worst luck with hot glue guns, too. I made Lacie one and somehow got hot glue on my face, which made rip it off really fast....aka ripped my skin off. THEN with this one and was wrapping the cord around the gun and it hit my hand...SAME thing happened. I have many battle wounds. 

And...what's a post without Boston???

I always have the camera handy because he does some of the best things. He is so funny with his toys. Where ever he goes, he brings 12 toys with him. I was doing dishes and he thought the toys would go best in the dish washer?? Whatever little dude. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Boston and I had a  really fun time last week...it would've been better if Jeff was with us but let's face it...he's gone lots. We went to the fair twice, saw cool animals, ate junk, and laughed a lot. Boston and I are little buddies. Tonight we sat on the couch leaning on each other and laughed at nothing. It was so cute. Actually, we laughed at Jeff because he ate his dinner when it was TOO hot. 

Nothing better than lunch with dad :)

Beiber, Pete, and my mom {nice Jane}

This was so cute. Boston would bend down to look at this cow/camel thing although he could see perfectly fine...he just wanted to do what we were doing. 

This was so bad. I'm going on run/walk and I go by this car...I'm thinking geez what happened! I go by a second time and then the news cast was there. I overhead 'fire' and 'middle of the night' so I was like dang! That was about it. THEN I watch the news at 12 and there was an arsonist going around in the middle of the night setting cars on fire. This car was down the street from our house! Three other cars were set on fire around the valley...can you believe people??? 

And...here's my first pregnant pic for you guys. I'm not showing really, but in pictures I feel like there is little bump! This is two days short of 12 weeks. I have my next apt on my birthday! Nothing new to report, other than I'm feeling just as tired, but less sick! I put on make up everyday now and get dressed, but not so much into doing my hair! That's why my hair is nasty. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lazy Sundays

I know most people love Sundays because it's SO relaxing. I don't know what it is about Sunday that makes me nap so much longer than other days! Anyway, we had a very relaxing Sunday this passed week. It was fun just hanging with my boys.

Watching Football with Jeff after his 3 hour nap...He was so cuddly.

I was showing Boston his new shoes that I got him the day before and when I was done I asked him to put them away...I guess this is what he thought of them. :) Makes you kind of laugh, right?

He is really into stacking my blocks lately...which is fine with me because it keeps him occupied for at least an hour.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Most days

I feel like doing this....

I have honestly fallen asleep on our kitchen floor. It was when I was 6 weeks or so, and all I wanted to do was lay on the cool floor, so I did! Next thing I know Jeff's trying to get me to wake up and lay on the couch! Funny, right??

Oh man, I can't wait until I'm done with the first trimester! It hasn't been bad at all, but I'm looking forward to having a little more energy. It's so hard because when Boston naps, I'd like to nap BUT I can't because there is studying to be done OR blocks to be made. Most days I say 'forget it' and take a nap because I'm so.dang.tired.

In other news, Boston has this new face that cracks me up. I laugh so hard because sometimes he makes this face WHILE talking...it's hilarious. 

...and judge me if you'd like but in this house we kind of skipped Fall decorations and went right to Halloween...:) :) 

Isn't that tree branch/ornament thing to die for??? I found something similar in a magazine so I made a few changes and made my own!! 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Guess what????

We're having another baby!!!! We can't be MORE excited, too! This baby is due April 5th, which is right before Jeff's finals...uh oh. :) When a little baby needs to come we can't stop it! We found out August 1st and it's been killing me {I know it's only been a month} not to tell everyone!! With Boston we told everyone right away, but this time we thought we should wait. I had a Dr. apt shortly after and things were confirmed! Today, I had another apt where we heard the heartbeat and it's nice and healthy so I figured it's safe enough to tell!! 

Here's the details just in case you all want to know...we were wanting another baby and feel blessed that we now are!! I felt fine, nothing too off the rocker but I was a couple days late. Sure enough, positive preg test! I was shocked...it was just Boston and me and I kept walking around the house saying 'oh my gosh oh my gosh' and Boston was like...what's with mom?? :) I call a couple people because I didn't want to tell call Jeff and tell him over the phone. I ran to the mall to get a big brother shirt and a present for Jeff. I then wrapped the pregnancy tests in his new shorts so when he picked them up they'd fall out! I thought I was a genius! 

He came home and I tried to play it all cool...I told him I had a gift for him and he picked up the shorts and the tests feel out!! He bent down to grab them and was like...'What!??? Are you pregnant??' It was a fun moment. 

I had a Doctor apt that week and they assured me that I was pregnant and 5 weeks along. He even did a small ultrasound!!! Talk about a cool dr. He told me not to be surprised if we didn't see anything because it was so early, but we did! Little black circle...:) 

Today I had another apt and we heard the heartbeat!!! 150 bpm healthy and strong for 9 weeks. Boston was 153 bpm his first Doppler...:) I don't care whether this baby is a boy or girl...really! Just healthy! It would be fun though to have two boys.