Sunday, December 26, 2010


I have been SO lucky to have Jeff out of school and will continue to love it for 16 more days!!!!! It was pretty wild and crazy the last week Jeff was in school...I was busy with Christmas orders and he was SO busy with finals. It was a really stressful week. I always get sad when Christmas is over because I just love this time of year. Anyway, here are pictures from the past couple weeks!!

Lots and lots of orders!!!

Dad and little dude reading

It was super quiet and I got a little worried and went looking for him and found him here....don't quite know what to think of this!

Since Jeff's been out of school we've been doing a lot of cuddling and movie watching!

We hosted Christmas Eve dinner and we were cooking all day and I came into the living room and found Jeff knocked out...with the remote next to him :)

Eating Christmas Eve dinner!

Boston with his Uncle Joe and Bieber :)

Siblings--we missed Melissa and Blair!!!

Jeff and Boston rockin' their new hoodies!

Christmas Day--heading out to Deer Park with the family

For the life of us we couldn't get Boston down for a nap...he's been kind of sick we left and sure enough he was out cold ten minutes into the trip!!

How cute right??? Loved playing the piano and looked so cute doing it!!

Anyway, we have had such a fun time spending so much time together. We talk about how much fun it has been! I'll be so sad when Jeff can't stay up 'til 1am watching 24 or Prison Break! That has been a highlight of this break for me! It's also such a special time because our Anniversary is tomorrow!!! Two years has gone by so fast!!! 

Monday, December 6, 2010

It's about time...

I just feel that I haven't been that great about blogging lately! It's been nuts around here that blogging has been the last thing I've wanted to do!! Needless to say--I need to keep up my blog book! Our house finally is decorated with Christmas! I have tons of blocks laying around...and our tree is up! We did that whole thing yesterday AND I'm happy to say that Boston hasn't touched it once! He doesn't show the slightest interested either--let's see how long that lasts! 

Surprise, surprise! Jeff fixing the tree and watching bball??!??! 

I thought it would be cute to just do a couple colors on the tree. So we have red and silver {some are sparkly too!}

There are lights around here too so at night it's so pretty to have these lights on and the Christmas tree! That's my favorite! Anyway! We are enjoying ourselves here--Jeff is finishing up his FIRST semester in his Master's program. He is so busy! We probably had 20 minutes worth of talking last week. I've been keeping busy with Etsy and Boston and life!