Monday, March 28, 2011

Some remodeling

It's been bothering me that I haven't been able to do house chores lately!! It's because I get my craft fix in when doing blocks, so why would I even want to re-do furniture on my spare time?? Well, I found time this weekend {and I will next weekend too} to re-do our dresser in our bedroom. It turned out sooo great. 

       These cute new wreaths are in also. I decided to jump on the band wagon and make one for our door. Jeff is so funny--I kept asking him if he likes it. His response?? 'It's a wreath'. I guess guys' just don't get it, right? Us girls want 'Oh my gosh!! I LOVE it!' Who am I kidding--Jeff would never say that! Ha ha

This next weekend we are re-doing our red TV stand---it's going to be black! 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

So smart

It's been so fun lately to watch Boston copy the things Jeff and I do...seriously cracks me up. I caught him yesterday trying to put on my headphones. It's so funny when he wears them around his neck and walk around. 

He also has an obsession with opening these end tables and putting whatever he can find in there. If he has a new find he goes straight to these drawers. 

He also plugs everything in. I'm not worried about him getting hurt because he only plugs in cords and hasn't tried anything else, so I'm not worrying, yet. 

He loves jumping on our bed also. He is just the funniest little guy. In fact, we were outside playing yesterday and talking about how smart our little guy has become, and as we were talking he was running in the gravel and completely fell flat on his face...he's that smart. :) 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rapid Rabbit

Since I thought I could do anything after running a 5k {3.1 miles} I signed up for a 5 mile race. Let me say this, I was training for it pretty well before we left on vacation. I had ran 4.3 miles but not totally ran 5...yet. You know when you pack for vacation and you swear you're going to run or do homework, but it never happens?? Ya, totally me. I brought running gear and was so ready to run. Didn't.happen.once. Saturday came and went and I ran 5 miles in 49.08 minutes. Best part?? It wasn't the hardest. My dad and Jeff are trying to talk me into Bloomsday which is  7.45 miles. I think I can do it, it's just a matter if I want to. :)

Happy as ever before the race.

Last twenty feet of the face!!!!

My dad & I. I'm proud to say that I was only 8 minutes behind my dad...K not the greatest, but my dad had been training for two weeks and I hadn't ran in two weeks.

Later that night we went to Boston's girlfriends first birthday party. She is soo dang cute.

Trying to make a move...

The weekend was kind of crazy so I hope this week settles down a little bit!! Jeff is super busy with projects and since I'm off vacation mode my shop it getting busy again--can't complain tho!!

Boston also just turned 16 months yesterday and is funnier than ever. He is so smart too--he can sit for an hour putting the cap on a bottle and take it off...or unplugging and plugging the fan {I have to watch that tho}. He understands and can say hot, moo, noises of a monkey, dogs {which comes out as 'ck'}, and 's' for snake. It's really fun to watch him put the name of animals and noises together. Proud mama!!! 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Utah Vaca

Oh man, this was a MUCH needed trip!!!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness for spring breaks. :) We needed to just get away for a little bit, but surprisingly after a week of being gone, we really wanted to sleep in our own bed. Boston was a little more difficult this time around because he is older now and MUCH more independent. Twelve hours in a car?? Ya right. We drove seven hours to Idaho Falls and stayed in a hotel {while visiting my cousins and cute new baby, Juliette}. We went swimming/sat in the hot tub and loved that. Boston was so funny swimming...LOVED splashing, being thrown in the air by dad, thinking he can jump in all by himself, and trying to get away from us and let him swim on his own. 

Getting caught in the toilet paper he unraveled 

FINALLY made it!! Two days of traveling + crabby baby = not fun

My wedding dress is still in Utah and I always wanted to try it on but I was either pregnant, or had weight to loose, so I decided to do it! One.happy.girl 

Newest favorite thing...riding dad like a horse.
We LOVED vising our friends Josh and Rose and their babes...they really are just too cute. Here is Boston and Neal {1 month apart}.

He seriously is SO cute.

Boston is seriously obsessed with brooms..NOT kidding. We went to a pet store awhile back and could of cared less about the dogs and went straight for the broom. Here we were playing in water and guess what??? Saw the janitor with the broom so he stole it and took off...

We also went skiing in Deer Valley--it was beautiful. I loved it. Jeff and his dad are pro's. I had gone before but not in years, so I was a beginner. We had a blast until Jeff decided to take me down a double black diamond and I kept falling, so I was over it then...

That night we went swimming at the coolest pool for kids...Boston seriously was in heaven. Before we left for the trip I bought Boston a new swimming suit and he looks like a little kid now.

This picture is really funny...Grandpa Gertsch loved playing with Boston and vice versa. 

How much did I love visiting this cute family? We wanted to make sure we visited them because Jeff and Kurt studied together all the time!! It was sure great to meet Madden and see how big Kru is getting. Jordan and Kurt are so great!!!

Grandpa and Boston throwing the ball...

This is another funny face he is making these days. This one is my's so funny. On our way home we stopped in Rexburg and visited our family again. We spent more time with cute Juliette {Jill and Steven too...I guess :)}.

Look at Boston in this picture...ha ha he wanted me to put lip gloss on him. He sees me doing it and wants some every time I put some on. 

See?? Loves it.

This is what I would look like with two kids...not too sure if I'm quite ready!!

Boston getting restless....

We ended up leaving Rexburg at 8pm because we just wanted to get home. So Boston slept for five hours then woke up the last 2 1/2. But! He was really good. He just watched us drive. We got home at 2 am {we were used to an hour earlier tho} and crashed in our bed. We also visited Audra & Tyson and my best friend Lacie & Jeff but forgot to take pictures...whoops!!