Sunday, June 26, 2011

A day in the life

I would like to say that it's finally starting to feel like Summer, but it honestly still feels like Spring! We've maybe hit mid 70's a handful of times--I haven't even got sun burnt yet!! What the heck! Best news I've heard yet was next week is suppose to be beautiful! I'm so ready for pools and a sun burned body. Needless to say, we've had some fun times already this summer. Boston is just funny as ever and I always have the camera handy! These are his latest!! 

The backyard is his favorite place. He could be out there all day if I let him. He goes out there, I check on him every 3 minutes or so and I thought this was too funny. He's just lounging in his chair--just hanging.

I was relentless to let Boston feed himself with ketchup, but he actually did pretty well!! Just the mess on his face! 

And of course playing in the sprinkler. He's so funny--he'll just stand in there getting soaked and love it. We went to the pool last week and he wanted to play in the kids pool which was freezing. We finally left because he was shaking but still wanted to go in there...I figured it was best if we just left. 
Can you spot him??? That is his favorite spot. It's just rocks and a metal rod so when he hits them together it makes a really loud sound. 

How can you not laugh at this??? Slides are his favorite.

This is his 'what mom' face.

Anyway, we've been going non-stop and we're ready for a little break! We are thrilled for our bro and sis to come out from Vegas to visit us this week! We haven't seen them in SO long! I'm SO ready to put my shop on Vaca mode and just relax. We'll have some fun pictures this week!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Thank you Jeff for all you've done for us...can't tell you how much I love you and how much Boston adores you! 

Monday, June 13, 2011


My little sis graduated from High School this weekend. I'm actually excited for next weekend because that's when she's having the party...aka lots of food! It was a great weekend tho. Jeff was 'being nice' and letting me go and he'd stay home Boston--he just didn't wanted to go. I think it was a trick because he went golfing right when I got home. I'm happy for Alli tho--she's going to BYU-I in the fall. I was thinking about how she's in such a fun time in her life!! 

The gals

This is her 'not boyfriend'.

I'm happy for you Alli!! There will be more fun pictures of the party next week!!

I also wanted to mention that this weekend we had our friends over that had been gone FOREVER! It was SO nice to see them. I was really excited! Since our backyard was done we had a nice bbq and roasted mallows. 
Kent, Megs & Jeff

Check out that hammock! Ha ha Jeff got it in Mexico for $10--keep it classy :)

Our friend Josh was also over but I guess we didn't get any pics with him! Oops! Linds and Lucy were gone so he was lone wolf. :) Guys don't like pictures anyway, just the girls!!

This is so funny. It was awhile ago but I thought I'd share! Boston is just so smart these days. He can understand SO much. Anyway, we were eating Starbursts and I asked him to throw away the wrappers. He threw them away one by one. So cute. BUT I forgot I took out the trash and left the garbage can out!! As the day went on I put a trash bag in the garbage and put it away, only to find this...

It just melted my heart! He knew that's where the garbage went regardless if there was a can or not! 

He's a silly little boy!!