Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Boston and I had a  really fun time last week...it would've been better if Jeff was with us but let's face it...he's gone lots. We went to the fair twice, saw cool animals, ate junk, and laughed a lot. Boston and I are little buddies. Tonight we sat on the couch leaning on each other and laughed at nothing. It was so cute. Actually, we laughed at Jeff because he ate his dinner when it was TOO hot. 

Nothing better than lunch with dad :)

Beiber, Pete, and my mom {nice Jane}

This was so cute. Boston would bend down to look at this cow/camel thing although he could see perfectly fine...he just wanted to do what we were doing. 

This was so bad. I'm going on run/walk and I go by this car...I'm thinking geez what happened! I go by a second time and then the news cast was there. I overhead 'fire' and 'middle of the night' so I was like dang! That was about it. THEN I watch the news at 12 and there was an arsonist going around in the middle of the night setting cars on fire. This car was down the street from our house! Three other cars were set on fire around the valley...can you believe people??? 

And...here's my first pregnant pic for you guys. I'm not showing really, but in pictures I feel like there is little bump! This is two days short of 12 weeks. I have my next apt on my birthday! Nothing new to report, other than I'm feeling just as tired, but less sick! I put on make up everyday now and get dressed, but not so much into doing my hair! That's why my hair is nasty. 


  1. You two little buddies can come over to my house anytime haha. I cant believe that about the cars! Thats ridiculous. Looks like you guys had fun at the fair. Did you watch the hynotist by chance? It was hilarious.

  2. You are so beautiful, Maria. And you bred a dang funny kid. :)

  3. Uhh...is that a classic Jane picture or what!? Oh man!