Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New wreath & such

I finally switched my wreath to a Fall one!! I really do love it. We are also switching Boston's room around to make it more 'big boy' ish. We still had the changing table and basket's as his drawer, so we needed to change that asap. I found a cute little red one at the store Coco knowing I would need to paint, which was fine with me!! In the next week or two we'll switch him to a toddler bed--which I'm a little nervous for. 


After!!! The dresser looks great in his room. His little clothes don't even come close to filling up the whole thing, that's okay though.

The new wreath!!! I swear I have the worst luck with hot glue guns, too. I made Lacie one and somehow got hot glue on my face, which made rip it off really fast....aka ripped my skin off. THEN with this one and was wrapping the cord around the gun and it hit my hand...SAME thing happened. I have many battle wounds. 

And...what's a post without Boston???

I always have the camera handy because he does some of the best things. He is so funny with his toys. Where ever he goes, he brings 12 toys with him. I was doing dishes and he thought the toys would go best in the dish washer?? Whatever little dude. 


  1. Cute Maria!! I love the dresser and your darling wreath! Next time we are together I want you to tell me all your crafty secrets :)

  2. You are AMAZING maria!!!! i love your new stuff! I can't get enough of Boston, what a cutie!!! When are you coming out next! We would LOVE to see you guys!

  3. LOVE the dresser! It makes me want to go out and buy something old to repaint now. I love your crafts -- they are adorable!

  4. Soo cute! you are so crafty!!! And lets talk about Boston.... holy cow he is getting so big!! I remember when i first met you guys he was sooo TINY!!! aww he is so adorable! hope everything is going great!