Monday, October 3, 2011

23 AND 13 weeks!

Last Friday was my 23rd birthday! There really isn't anything special that comes with turning 23, right??? I guess just wisdom. This year my birthday fell on a Friday, which is the PERFECT day to fall on! I had a dr. apt in the morning {more on that in a sec} and came home to singing and presents...I wish I had my camera handy walking in the door and the boys sitting on the top step was cute. Jeff surprised me with a lime green kitchen aid!!!!!!!! That's every girls' dream right??? I don't have any excuse to why I'm not making homemade bread and cookies all the time now...It is a beauty. My sis sent me really nice utensils, and my mom got me a Cabela's knife set....guess I needed better kitchen stuff. I was so excited. 

Matches my kitchen perfectly...

The boys' making me breakfast...that's cute, right?

Jeff makes eggs all the time so Boston kind of knows that he has to stir them around...he get's the picture.

See? Told ya, beauty.

Yes I'm pregnant and I like double chocolate cake.

K I was looking at pictures and was thinking I was sitting here last birthday...well I was right!! 

Look how young Boston looks?? Geez! Oh and I guess I can't use the pregnancy excuse since I had the chocolate cake last year too...oops. :)

I will be 14 weeks on Thursday!! Second trimester! This has FLOWN by! Nothing really happened at my apt...I heard that little heartbeat {150 bpm like last time} and NO weight gain! Last time I gained weight fast so this is great news! :) I have an ultrasound in two weeks to check my progress...I'll be almost 16 weeks!!!!!! Which means maybe they can peak and see what the sex is? That'll be way cool. If not, the big ultrasound is in 6-7....whatev. We found out what Boston was between 16-17 weeks so there is hope. The other great news is no more being sick! The only time I feel sick is if I starve myself for more then 6 hours, which is pretty normal for non-pregnant people. 

Thanks for the fabulous birthday everyone!! 

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