Sunday, October 16, 2011

WSU Cougs

We had a fun opportunity to go to Pullman and watch the Cougs play...or aka watch Andrew Luck on Stanford. Jeff was really excited because I guess Andrew will be the #1 pick in the NFL draft so Jeff really wanted to see him! We left Boston with my mom so he could go to a birthday party {he has friends} and play. It was a nice getaway! 
Although Boston didn't come, we still had to dress him up! I'm also counting these pics as a pregnant picture...since it's hard to miss. :) 15 weeks 3 days.

This would've been a good picture if Boston was looking. Story of our lives.

It was a fun little getaway! 1.5 hours driving both ways so we did a lot of talking, which was nice too. I tell ya though, whole other world down in Pullman. 

The next few pictures are taken a couple hours ago. Boston was just being so cute while watching Lion King. I especially love his hands behind his head. We also think he might be getting his molars too. We had a weird experience last night--Boston woke up at 1am screaming his head off. He didn't want Jeff or I, so we just sat on the floor next to him, which was what he wanted. After about 20 minutes of screaming, Jeff gave Boston a Priesthood blessing and right after Jeff ended, Boston stopped crying and didn't make another peep. Very cool experience but that's weird, right? Anyway, all signs point to two year molars. I just hope I can keep him comfortable!

We love our Boston. :) My ultrasound is tomorrow and I'm SO excited. Whether or not we find out the sex, I'm just excited to see the little bean. It'll be a fun experience! I'm sure I'll post on that soon. Happy Sunday!

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