Monday, October 17, 2011


We are having a......GIRL! How exciting!!! One of each--so fun. Since I'm only 15 weeks 4 days, the ultrasound tech said 'don't go painting the room pink' because she said it's still early to tell, but she's pretty certain. I've heard she's never wrong, too! AND especially looking at Boston's and this baby's ultrasound, they are SO different. So, I'm going pink. I'm also measuring a week ahead, which is funny because I was for SURE thinking I was not as far along. Since they could be off a week when measuring the baby, they aren't moving my due date until a doctor looks at it. I'm fine with looks like I'm measuring 16 weeks 3 days, doesn't really matter! 

I told Jeff not to call me because I wasn't going to tell him over the phone. So after I found out I ran to Target and got some DARLING polka dot onesies and put them in a bag with the 'girl' picture. He opened it and said 'It's a girl???' and I smiled and we hugged. We're both excited. I think I was leaning more towards wanting a boy, but thought it was a's instinct I guess!! Such a great feeling knowing this is a girl! 

Boston is on left, and this little girl is on the right. Total difference, right?

Such a tiny little baby

Little girl! So I guess I'm not going to 'paint the room pink' but we're set on a girl, and who knows? It'll be fun if it changes, too! We're okay with whatever!


  1. I'm super excited for you guys! ;) Girl or not it'll be fun the second time around!

  2. NO WAY!!! How exciting! Congratulations! She'll be beautiful!

  3. CONGRATS MARIA!!! IT'S SO AWESOME HAVING ONE OF EACH! LOL Austin is such a great big brother to Bella! It comes naturally for little boys. :) I can't wait to see the gorgeous little one!