Monday, August 29, 2011

Preview :)

AHH! I'm in love with this photo! 

More to come later!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Good boy

Boston is such a little stud. I love his fiery spirit. We are taking family pictures today and we're really excited, but that meant hair cuts. He just sits on the stool and let's Jeff cut his hair. So.flipping.cute.

He's also obsessed with 'cy-col' {motorcycle} and has become fond of this toy.

He looks for it right when he wakes up, and drives around the house saying 'beep-beep.' Words cannot express the joy he gives me!! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


There will be a Beav post every year! It's my favorite week I think. We went up way up North {I think about 45 mins from Canada} and play on the lake all day. We have nothing planned, just eat, hike, sleep, chat, swim, boat, fight and such. Those are my favorite vacations. My sister, who I hadn't seen in a YEAR, flew in from Virginia {thank goodness she wasn't there for the Earthquake!!!}. My brother and his family from Denmark weren't able to come because they just had little Lewis a couple months ago--not cool! Jeff was only able to come the last two days because he started his assistant ship that week. 
Isn't it beautiful???

 Our family---minus Blair's family and the rest of Melissa's.

I love when the sisters get together!!!

Jean & Jane

 This is Jeff's way to tube, I guess :)

Dad beating on Hayden

This was taken last night when we were saying good-bye to my dad. We all look tan!!

Another successful Beav!!!! It's the saddest when everyone leaves. My sister left today and I would be lying if I said I wasn't really sad. I hope to see her again before next Beav. 

In other news, Jeff started school yesterday! I don't have anything to report on that because he's only gone two days! I'm SO excited to say that was his last--first day of school! Nine more months! Wahoo!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Update on Life!!

Although I have been doing ok with blogging, I just feel like I haven't gone into any detail!!! So this post I'll be playing catch up because I have some time...

Jeff--He's going great! He's such a hard worker let me tell you. He's wrapping up his internship this week and starting his assistant-ship next week! He has LOVED working at the Valley Hospital. It seems that they like him too. They keep him busy with LOTS of projects. He also has been working for my dad and step-dad, which he will also be wrapping up this week. The assistant-ship will be taking up all his time and is a great job. He will be the assistant to the head professor of his program. Jeff says it will be tough but worth it for 9 months! I'm SO excited that this the last year of school! April CANNOT come soon enough! 

Boston--I can't say enough about him!!! He has turned into such a fun little guy. The best part is now when I ask him to say something he repeats it. It's so funny sometimes because he doesn't say the exact word, but it's so funny to watch him try! Love it! These are his latest...
  • Right now he has this obsession with Jeff {which I HOPE is just a phase}. When Jeff walks into a room it's all about Jeff. Sometimes he can't even put him down--he'll just whine!  
  • He loves air planes and motorcycles...whenever he sees either one he repeats 'What's that?" about 10 times. He get's a little carried away.
  • Speaking of air planes--he can see the ones that are a spec in the sky! When I look I can't find them right away, but if I look hard enough I can see it! He has good eyes.
  • When Jeff get's Boston out of the tub in the mornings, Boston loves running away from Jeff all's game now. 
  • When Jeff get's home from work Boston demands to go outside to turn the sprinkler on. If we're sitting down he comes up behind you to push you. It's hard not to laugh.
  • Once Jeff sets up the sprinkler, Boston goes over right away to it and 'fixes' it. He probably thinks he helping. 
  • He says a lot of words...too many to write down but my favorite are 'tit do' {thank you}, pees {please}, aa po {air plane}, Ca-ca-ca {?? helicopter...this one is cute}, No {he says 'No' to about everything}, Al-lay {Alli}, bi guck {big truck}...anyway those are just a few!
  • He loves to run---he's getting fast actually. He also likes to run in circles...don't ask me.
  • He is the BEST at giving kisses...he even puckers his lips. Ha ha Jeff doesn't like it too much because he gives kisses a lot, but I can't get enough! 
  • When he gives other kids 'loves' he hugs them, but holds onto them and kind of tackles them. I laugh every time. 

Lastly--Me--Things are super busy right now. I'm doing independent study through BYU trying to finish my Bachelors, which hopefully will be July-ish next year. It's somethings I just need to do! I'm almost done with New Testament...probably take the final in two weeks. Also, my business if fabulous. Last week I hit the 500 mark--whew! It's been hard trying to balance school and work when Boston's asleep. Especially since he's getting older and sometimes doesn't take naps! That calls for really late nights. :)

So there's a good update on us this summer! A couple weeks ago we both were free on Saturday so we went to the beach.

I also have some pictures on my card that I haven't posted yet, so here are some random ones!!
Notice the Q-tip and mirror in his hand!! He sees me do that so he thinks he does too!

 Taking a break from swimming and reading my Shape magazine.

I know, I know...this is white trash. He's just too cute. :)

And I'll leave you with this picture!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Much Needed Vaca

We've been home from Utah for over a week and I haven't blogged about it! What the heck! Two words...super busy. While I was away I had roughly 25 orders so I didn't see the outside world last week. 

This trip to Utah was SO much better than the last. I think it has to do with Boston being older and we flew. I was SO nervous about flying with him because he's just so dang busy. He did so well though. It was a rough start to the morning, but once we got on the plane everything was great. {i.e. My bag was too heavy, I left his sippy in the car, we were the VERY last to board the plane...aka middle seat :) :)}

I went two days earlier than Jeff so I could spend time with Lac. It was SO fun to see her and hang with her. Plus, it felt so nice to just relax. Boston also loved her dog, Woody. I'm so mad because I brought my camera but left the memory card in my computer so I don't have any pictures of my time with Lacie!! We swam A LOT, shopped, laid in the sun, watched Bachelorette & SYTYCD, and laughed...a lot. 
Then we went to Midway to see Jeff's family--it's just so pretty in Midway.

When I asked Boston what horses' say he laughs... I guess it's because 'Naaa' sounds like laughing? It's really cute.

It's an understatement to say we were excited to see Mike, Jo, Teeg & Camryn!! I wish we got to see Gwen and Henry, too!! I guess Ben will do :) :) 

Teeg & Boston

They were so cute together! 

Don't mind my 18 chins


There was a little girl behind us who Boston loved playing with! It made for a short flight!!

Anyway, we had such a great time with Grandma & Grandpa Gertsch! We were also so happy to spend time with Mike & Jo. We relaxed a lot this trip and that's what we needed...big time.