Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Green Bluff & Homecoming

Jeff doesn't have school on Fridays so I love taking advantage of that. Right when he got off work he came home and I said get ready because we were going to green bluff!! (It's a huge apple orchard) It was just so pretty.

Can you see what he is staring at??? 

Loves being thrown in the air.

Then! We went to the homecoming game to watch my sister cheer (and I guess to watch some football :). 

Boston's newest thing is to put his binky in his own mouth...9 out of the 10 times he puts it in backward, upside down, or side ways. But it's so cute to see him do that.

This was really cool--parachutes to bring the names of the homecoming royalty.

Ally and her date :)

My mom and I went to take pictures. She looked pretty but it was SOOO cold. Oh one more thing, Boston has learned to click pens...has he already drawn on our couch? Yes. OH! And one more thing. This is a video of Boston and Jeff playing--guys it's so cute.  

Friday, October 22, 2010

I finally found it

Ever since Boston was a newborn he wasn't the best eater. Seriously. It was always so hard trying to feed him. As time went on and he grew older, it was time to start eating solid foods. So at six months he started having baby food and cereal. He actually wasn't too bad at this. BUT!! Something changed in late August. He would NOT eat baby food anymore. He would cry because he didn't want it, I would cry out of frustration,. It was just a mess. Poor Jeff didn't know what to do. So I tried feeding him 'real people food' like oatmeal, bananas, apples, etc. NO. He would take a few bites but wouldn't do a meal out of it. Oh the frustration. It was so hard when it came to feeding time. With his first birthday creeping up on me, I know he has to eat real people food. SO! I committed myself to try even harder!!!!!! Oh and did I mention he doesn't like his high chair?? That makes it A LOT easier (ya right). BUT I found what he likes---mandarin oranges!!! I mean he just stands there holding onto my knees and just can eat so many. This is just a huge relief. I know he can't just eat those, but he also really likes bananas now, crackers, cheese, oatmeal, and everything Jeff and I eat he always wants bites. I'm just glad it's getting better because this was a serious stress for me! So I had Jeff take a picture of how he just stands there always wanting more mandarin oranges.
Click on the picture and make it bigger because he just has the best's pretty funny.

Now this is just funny. He put the bottle on this chest while eating...all the while playing with the wheels on the truck. It was so funny looking. He's so smart.
This little guy, I swear, is getting so smart. He loves his binkie and looks for it. See? He went through my diaper bag, pulling everything out and once he found his binkie he was on his way. Guys, I swear he loves that thing. Jeff and I hope to ween him off of it around Christmas...when we're both home.

 K now don't judge me for this next picture. He has been doing it so I wanted to document it, because let's face it, it's kinda funny. So once I heard the splashing I ran in there and told him no, but then decided to quickly run and grab the camera and take a picture. I'll have you know that after this I took his hands out and washed them.

Gross? Yes. Funny? Yes. I need to learn to keep the toilet seat down from now on. Jeff has been reminding me but it's just a habit I need to get into!

That's about it for now...did I mention he'll he one in less than a month? Man. I am shocked by that. In other news, Jeff is doing great in school. He just got a 96% on a test and was top in the class (along with a friend of his). He's really enjoying it and tells me all sorts of health care stuff. He says it's a lot harder than he anticipated though, which I guess is a good thing that he is challenged. He's working in the mornings and school at night, which means I rarely see him, so we cherish the weekends. I'm doing great too. I'm working on these last few pounds of baby weight and I'm getting really close. I just signed up for a 5K (3.1 miles) on Boston's birthday, which I think is pretty cool because that's my way of celebrating his birthday...with a race! I'm hoping that'll be the day where I have shed every last pound of baby fat. Things are going great here, we're really enjoying our family and life here in Spokane.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Not a dull moment

I had a bright idea this past Friday to go to a park and have a picnic. It was getting later on in the day so I was hurrying so it wouldn't be freezing while we ate. Well, I failed...miserably. We got there and the sun was down and it was sooo cold. We ate our food quick and left within 15 minutes. It was the thought that counted though. 
He saw a bird...

It was really pretty there, but just freezing.

We got the cutest hat for Boston after our freezing picnic at the mall. It has like a mohawk and a skull on the Boston. As much as I love when he cheeses...I had to get a sweet picture of him like the one below.

His new obsession is the dishwasher. Seriously. Sometimes I just open it so he'll keep busy for awhile. 

See?? Pure love for the dishwasher.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Me and some girly-friends (with the babes) went to the pumpkin patch yesterday and it was really fun. Not to mention it was sooo pretty outside. Jamie was in her own little world going at it finding perfect pumpkins, while Taylor and I took pictures of our babes. She has a little girl that's four months younger than Boston. I got 3 pumpkins for $5.

Hair as white as the sun.

Love birds...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

much needed projects

I have had so many projects on my mind lately--curtains, painting the front door, and I needed a wreath! Well guess what! I completed alllll this week! whoop whoop! My best friend's mom rocks and she helped (more like made) them. We found the fabric sooo fast, got a screamin' deal and started. We made matching pillows as well. Now we have curtains on our back sliding door so no creepers can look in. :)
Cute right? I love them. They added the perfect amount of color. They were a huge success. Second, I made a halloween wreath I saw on another blog and again, I love it. So easy and so sleek looking. It said to use real candy corn but I found fake ones at Tj Maxx that were sparkly and let's face it, they were better than real ones.

Oh and notice the color of the front door??! We finally made it match the whole rest of the house. It made a huge difference. Look.

Lacie's mom (Lisa) and I also made matching pillows for our couch, but I liked them so much I put them on our bed. We don't have much color in there yet, so it fit.

Anyway, I love the curtains so much that I'm wanting to do all the bedrooms. And! I can't wait to make a Christmas wreath out of something way cool...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I tell ya what...

Boston sure knows how to tear up a place in .05 seconds. I don't even try to pick up after him anymore, I do it when he is in is room, asleep, for the night. He sure is getting to be so fun.
I thought this was so darn cute--him reaching in the bucket for more toys.

Not kidding--the living room looked like this 10 minutes after this little guy took charge.

I just love this little face.