Sunday, September 26, 2010

blondes have WAY more fun

So per request, I have posted pictures of me as a blonde. I really do like it, but I'm going blonder (?? not 100% sure if that is even a word). I want to go really really blonde and I'm going to, but need to give some rest to my hair. Anyway! along with hair-coloring, we went to watch my younger sister cheer at a football game! Brought back sooo many memories. It's a big rivalry game so it was really cool going back to watch the game (really to watch the cheerleaders tho :).
Yes that is Boston facing forward!! We could no longer buckle him in his other one, he was too dang long! So he was within the weight and height capacity, so we got him a new carseat. It's probably the cutest thing to look back and see him looking from side to side because he can see things in a different perspective now!
 Enjoying the game...and the creep in the right corner is my dad :)
Boston & grandma Jane

Jeff was able to snap a picture of Boston going wild with the pom pom.
Ready to perform! Ali is the bottom left.
I had to add this too. Yesterday we went out to Deer park to cut wood for our fireplaces this winter, and Boston found the piano and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my life

Ok--I'm sure every mom goes through this but Boston has been sooo clingy to me lately! Not just clingy because he doesn't feel good or whatever, but once I walk into a room, he is at my feet wanting me to pick him up! If I don't, he just whines! If someone is holding him while I'm in the room--he reaches over for me! (that is kind of cute though!) Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE when he is cuddly because I want to hold him! BUT it's hard whenever he sees me he crawls to me and wants me to pick him up! So I pick him up, then whines to get back down! Haha it's hard because he is just all over the place! But nonetheless, I love holding him and love his little face.
I had to snap a pic of this because this is what I see all day!
"mom pick me up!!!"
He loves when I do the dishes because he's in the stage of wanting to stand up on anything--it's even funny when he trys a wall because he can't get a grip on anything, so he gives up!
And I'm really proud of this because it looked just like the picture in the magazine! I'm trying to eat healthy and faithfully work out and such, so I subscribed to shape (such a good deal fyi 2 years for $14.97--um yes! That is sooo cheap considering mags at the store at $4.99!!) So this was called something spinach frittata or something and it was really good. It kind of tastes like an omelette.
yes this is a sink full of foil--because yes I am blonde once again! I'll take a picture later for your viewing pleasure! Seriously, my head had like 100 foils--soo blonde!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

the fair

I went twice this year--which may have been too much! Don't get me wrong, I love the fair and going every year, but after a couple hours, I'm ready to leave! The first time I went was with some friends of mine, and then with the whole family! Jeff and I didn't really realize we matched until we took this first picture...whoops!

that's my really cool brother
Looking at the rooster
Standing Boston
My boys--they look so much alike.
eating bubble gum ice cream

Until next year!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

On the brighter side of things...

SO...I'm totally freaked out of my house during the day, but it's getting better!! Here's something funny...yesterday I was again laying down and there came a knock at my door!! Same thing as when the creep came, I ran to the window...still couldn't make out who is was, but I for sure wasn't expecting visitors! I go to the door...and it was the missionaries! I was kind of scared so they probably thought I was a freak..but anyway! Things are getting better. The first night I did NOT sleep at all...poor Jeff. But! On the brighter side of things, my friend Megan took family pictures about 3 weeks ago and I got them back yesterday! She did a fab job. 
Grandma and all her kids--it also was a special day because my grandma was sealed to my grandpa and all her kids! Jeff and I thought it would be so funny to decorate her car and put "Just Married" on the back...we did.
the Fausett family
My family! We are missing Melissa's kids and husband and added Pete!
Kids with our dad
Our family! Look at B's face...
Sister's with mom
And dad with brothers! I love having these kinds of pictures! So many memories!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Today was a pretty scary day for our little family. My worst nightmare almost came true. So today around noon I was in my kitchen and I just happened to look outside. I see a white male, tall and skinny just walking by our house. I noticed he was looking at our front door--actually staring at it. I am pretty surprised he didn't notice me in the kitchen window though. So, like I said, I didn't think anything of it. Went about my day...ran some errands...came home put Boston down for a nap...then I laid down. As I am laying down I hear the door bell ring. I get up, and I see a glimpse of a hat through the door. I notice it's the same hat I saw early on that guy walking by. For some reason, I felt like I shouldn't open the door. I hid myself in my kitchen, but I still could see what he was doing. He stood there ringing the door bell, knocking on the door...obssessively ringing the door bell and more knocking. Then, I hear the door handle jiggle. I freeze! I was thinking in my mind "I hope I locked the door" I am so so so grateful I did. Some more jiggling, more knocking and door ringing. Then it goes silent. I look out and he is gone...but I don't see him walking away on the streets. I get a feeling to run and lock the back I quickly ran back to our living room, locked the sliding door and then go to a back room to where I can see still the back patio. I look out the window and there he was, standing on our porch, trying to open the slider door. I still am in shock and thinking "what the heck is he doing???" As I am standing there, I see him leave the sliding door, walk through the gate. I quickly ran to my room to where I can see the streets, and I see him leaving...with chips in his hand. I was hoping he was a REALLY obssessive/creepy salesman just trying to see if someone was home...but nope. Same guy I saw looking at our house earlier. So I sit on my bed thinking what I should do. I call my mom...she freaks out tells me to call my dad or the police. I call my dad. He says this isn't something I should let go...I call the police and put in a statement. Many people have asked me why I just didn't call 911 during it all---um I didn't know what was going on!!!!! I just can't stop thinking about what if' what if I didn't lock the front door....or what if I didn't follow my instinct and lock the back door quickly??? I feel sick to my stomach. Jeff was at school during all this...he was pretty upset about it all as well, and just glad that I listened to my gut feeling and locked the doors. Anyway--the police have come by patroling the area and came and checked things out at my house. They figured it would have been a burglary. Here's the creepy part...about a week ago Jeff and I come home and notice something different about our lock--even if the door is locked...I can NOW turn the handle from the outside. Sure it won't open, but there are scratches on it like someone has tried to open our door and it can turn....ya Hi totally freaked out. I asked the policeman if we should get a gun and he said if it was him, he would of let the creep in so he could of shot him! Needless to say, I'm soo grateful I had my doors locked. I just don't know what would have happened. Just please, please always lock your doors during the day.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Feels like fall

Geez!!!!! It has been dropping degree's like it's going out of style!!! Once September hit, I swear, it has been cold! It feels nice to get the sweaters out, the scentsy and the many fall colors! I added some things to my craft room--put my falls things up and got my house smellin' like fall! I do kinda like it. :)
Added more vinyl to the craft room.
...and kitchen.
Made that frame hanging up with just extra things laying around--it's the same color as the desk so it HAD to go in here.
Startin' to feel a little fall like!
I was anxious to get these bad boys back out! Kinda Halloween, but I don't care!
Walks--with breath taking sky!
It's the tv I want you to see--yes the first NFL game of the season!!!! Jeff was at school-he was soo mad because he loves the Viks...but he couldn't watch it! I made sure I sent him texts play by play of the game!
Boston fell actually, something fell on him!!! He was crusin' around upstairs and he went into the craft room, crawled (tried) up the fan and it came crashing down on him. I almost cried seeing that sweet baby crying with the fan on him and his nose bleeding.
It's all red now
I just get a kick out of the way he sits in the cart. He won't have both legs through the hole---oh no! One has to be so.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor day

We had a very quiet labor day, and loved it. We did go out and enjoy some festivities--Pig out in the park (weird name I know, but that's exactly what you do--pig out in the park).
Watching the bands--Jeff, Me, Boston, Kellie, Joe

Mom & Pete

Call Jeff a photographer because this picture is cool. We sat right under the clock tower.
Then! On Monday, I did projects around the house while Jeff washed and cleaned the cars. I have been looking at garage sales for a desk that I could re-do and make it a craft desk. Well! My mom and step-dad had one in their garage! So I took it and re-painted it, put knobs on it and such. I adore it now.
Cute polka dot handles which I love!!

Things are in place and ready for me to craft. I love it and I love that it cost us almost nothing.
Washing the car--thanks J!
And I don't think I've included a picture of what our house looks like--here ya go! Yes it's pink and yes I give my mom a hard time. :) My mom bought a Cricut (craft cuting thing) years ago and I decided to put some good use to it! It never been opened so I changed that. I made some vinyl.
(thanks Aubrie for the cute saying--I had to steal it!)
Boston's room
(And thanks Audra for the cute saying! I took this one as well!)
Our room
Our bathroom
And here was our boring clock just sitting all alone--until I found this fancing iron works at Hobby Lobby for $7!! Finished it right off! Anyway--lots of craft stuff this labor day, but soo much fun.